Puppies, puppies and more puppies

My goodness, we have come across so many puppies lately. It’s so sad. I will tell you about several of the mom and litter cases that we’ve had lately.

We were going down an alley when we saw a small black dog on a chain. Her teats were hanging, so we pulled over. She really didn’t look like she had much milk. When we walked over to her, we noticed another small black dog sitting there . This was Kylie. She had teats full of milk. She wasn’t chained, she was just sitting there. I could see tiny puppies in the doghouse. I knocked on the door. It was a Hispanic family and the kids had to translate for the parents. Turns out they had just given away all 9 of the one dog’s puppies and now Kylie had 6 newborns in the doghouse, in this terrible heat with flies all over. They didn’t want Kylie and her puppies, so I told her we could take them but she had to agree to let us get the other dog fixed. She did. We loaded up the little family. There were two little ones that didn’t look very well at all. I syringe-fed them some supplement, but one of them would throw up after eating. I took one into the Humane Society the next morning because it looked even worse. They warmed it up, gave it some fluids and syringe fed it. It kept throwing up after it ate. They got it pretty much stabilized later in the day and I took it back to put it back with mom. The best thing would be for it to nurse. The next morning, it didn’t look very well still and I took it back to the Humane Society. They kept it for the day and then one of the veterinarians offered to take it home with her for the night. She was even going to try transfusing it. Sadly, this little one had to be euthanized that night after getting really, really bad.  This little one just couldn’t fight anymore. The other little runt, however, is doing fantastic-eating like a horse! They are all at Chain of Hope, but leaving for a foster home this weekend.

Our next mom and pups case was last Wed. We turned the corner of College street and there was a Corgi mix mom with her teats hanging, running down the front yards of the neighborhood. There was a male Corgi mix running with her. There were all kinds of people and kids out and about. We finally found out who owned the dogs and yes-there were 4 puppies in the basement. Of course, the people don’t want any of them-mom, dad or pups. They signed the mom and pups over to Chain of Hope and they are down here right now, but leaving for foster on Sunday. We could not take the male Corgix at this time because we are full, full, full. We have several in boarding and cannot add another one. If anyone is interested in fostering the male Corgi mix, I will go get him-I just don’t have anywhere to put him. I told the woman not to give him away to anyone, that I would find a place for him and come back to get him. The puppies are healthy looking and doing really well. They are fat!!!

Our next situation we found by going down an alley last Thurs. We could see a German Shepx on a chain with her ears bleeding, her teats hanging and there were several tiny puppies in the doghouse. We talked to the owner and they didn’t want them. They were moving into an apartment the following week. I asked her what they were going to do with the puppies and she said that they were going to call animal control. I called Wayside Waifs and asked them if they could take them and they said yes! Thank you, Wayside! We started getting the little ones out of the doghouse. It turns out the momma had had 14 puppies!! Four of them had already died. They were outside in a wooden doghouse. It was so frickin hot and the flies were all over. I was so thankful that we had turned down that alley. We loaded everyone up and headed to Wayside. There was a tiny little runt, about 1/2 the size of the others that was barely hanging on. He is receiving great supportive care at Wayside and so far, he is hanging in there!

Also last Thurs. (a day from hell), driving down an alley we discovered a yellow lab mix momma dog with her teats hanging, all wrapped around a pole and tangled, no food, no water. Hard telling how long she had been like that, but it was a super hot day and she must’ve been dying of thirst. She had 5 puppies, about 3 1/2 mo. old, all black. The people had chickens and roosters in cages. I had to turn this one into animal control. We had no where for this family to go, but they couldn’t stay like this. Animal control removed all of the animals from the property, so this little family is at Halfway Home. Please think good thoughts for them. I hated that they had to go there, but there was no where else and they absolutely couldn’t stay in their nasty backyard.

This is just the puppy report for the past week! It’s overwhelming, but we mustn’t quit. We have to just keep marching on for the animals! Thank you for your support. Every single one of us that are out there “boots-on-the-ground”, we absolutely know that we would not be out there without your support behind us. The animals thank you and we thank you.


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