Mason and Marley

Look at these conditions! Poor Mason and Marley. Our volunteers discovered this house during outreach one day and talked to the teenager who lived there and was suppoed to take care of the dogs, I guess. The mom came out for about 5 seconds and left the teen out there to talk to us. We set them up with water buckets and clips to clip them to the fence so the dogs can’t knock them over. We gave them ear gel to put on their ears because the flies were eating them. We sprayed them for flies and hung some fly bags. We gave them info on spaying and neutering and told him that we would be back checking on things because the conditions were no good. We stopped back by the other day and found Mason, the Boxer, wrapped so tightly around his little stake that he couldn’t move. I think you can see that in the pix above. The thing was so tight that he had undoubtedly been there all night and this was about noon. Quite obviously had not had any water. He had gross food in his bowl across the dirt with about a million flies in it. The other dog, Marley, had no water at all. No food and flies all over. The people came home while we were there and we had to get them to go get Marley’s water bucket that we had given them the other day because it was in the house! Anyway, suffice it to say that we had a long, tense discussion and they finally relinquished the dogs to us. The conditions were horrendous. They are now both in our program. Thanks to Jen Shive and her friends from Boxer rescue, Mason will be heading up soon to MN. Marley is in boarding and needs a foster or adopter! She is a sweetheart! She has a little bobbed tail, a darling personality, and is such a cutie. Email us at or call us at 816-221-8080.


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