I want you to meet Ace



Ace needs a friend to help him learn how to be a well-adjusted dog. He’s just a baby at about 6 mo. old. We found Ace chained to a fence in his little dirt area. It was a very hot day and he had no water and no food. Ace was petrified of us and did a lot of that attempted “bravado” barking from behind his doghouse. He was very, very thin. It broke my heart to know that this baby had already endured this suffering for the first few months of his life. He so deserves a family to love and to be loved by. I found out through a neighbor that these people’s last dog had died on the end of his chain last winter. Knowing that and looking at what we were looking at-it was a no- brainer that little Ace had to come with us.

Ace was so frightened of us that when we got him in the pet taxi, we couldn’t even get the chain off of him. We got him back to Chain of Hope and started to get him set up in a large wire crate. He ran back into our bathroom and hid behind the toilet. He felt safer back there and that was just fine with me. He stayed there for 48 hrs.!! Of course, when I’d come in in the morning I’d find his pee and poop, so I knew he was coming out at night and wandering around the basement.  His food would be gone in the mornings and his water would be low. I would go back into the bathroom several times a day and toss him little pieces of hotdogs (thank you Art, who brought us a lot of hotdogs!) and just sit and talk to him. The other dogs that were staying here temporarily would go back and try so hard to coax him to come out. They were so good about trying to include him. Finally, by the third day, he couldn’t stand it-those other dogs were having so much fun running around and chasing each other all over the basement. Ace finally decided that he would join them and it was all over after that-he’s a total lovebug!!! We all love Ace so much. Instead of sending him to boarding, we are keeping him at Chain of Hope. We didn’t want him to regress or anything. He is getting neutered this next Mon, 7-12 and is gaining weight. He is very puppy-like. He is having his early puppy hood that he never really got to experience because he was stuck out in the backyard on a chain. He is smart and sweet and is just blossoming and now needs to learn his boundaries. No one has ever shown him anything, but it’s awesome watching him just grow in his confidence and learn what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Ace weighs about 24 lbs. now-he’s a small little guy! He loves playing with other dogs and he loves playing with toys. He stays in a 4 ft. high X-pen (folding panel pen), rather than a crate and he’s been doing fine with it.

Please email Chain of Hope at cohadoptions@gmail.com or call us at 816-221-8080 if you could open your home and heart to Ace for as either a foster home or an adoptive home.


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