Meet Ivan

Look at these ears!!! Poor baby! We found Ivan chained in a backyard, in the mud, and his chain was allwrapped around a stump-he couldn’t move. His ears are literally eaten by flies. Ivan is such a sweet boy, though. He is very handsome and will be so majestic looking as he gets good nutrition, a good bath, and his ears heal up. They are looking better already with the medicaine we are putting on him. Ivan is about 1-2 yrs. old and gets along well with other dogs.

We are seeing bloody ears every single day. It is so important that you all support us so that we can get the fly products that we need for these guys out there. We use Happy Jack Onyx ear ointment (think it’s called wound dressing). They sell it at Dressler’s dog supply store on Steele Rd. in KCK. That stuff is the best! It heals the sores on the ears and also repels flies from continuing to eat at them. We hang up fly-catching bags that run about $4 a bag. We are putting those all over town-they are wonderful. We add water, hang them in a tree or whatever near the dog and the flies will be attracted into the bags and not on the dog! Anything we can do to make the animals more comfortable in this weather, we will do. Thanks for your support.


One Response to “Meet Ivan”

  1. michele Says:

    This is a beautiful dog…he is so grateful…and loving…I’m so happy we have “saved” him!

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