Poor Deliliah-she is such a sweet soul. She was rescued by a good samaritan in the middle of State Ave. in KCK, out in the traffic. Deliliah is deaf and partially blind. She must’ve been scared to death. How she ended up there, I haven’t a clue. The rescuer called Chain of Hope and we went and picked her up. she is about 13 yrs. old. She has a large scar on the top of her head. it is an older scar, but we have no idea how she got it. Deliliah is spunky still and loves being held and stroked. Most of her teeth are rotten and we are consulting with a veterinarian Tues. to see what the plan will be for that. I’m sure she has several teeth that need to come out, I just don’t know if they can put her under for that with her age and everything. I’ll keep you posted. Deliliah is a toy, gray poodle. She is sweet as sugar and just needs a place to live out the rest of her life in comfort with love around her. Call Chain of Hope at 816-221-8080 or email us at


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