Gidget needs a home


Look at this little cutie!!! Can you believe she is living in the yard of an abandoned house in Independence? What I’m hearing from the neighbors is that the owner got kicked out a couple of weeks ago and left the dog behind. A good samariten has been feeding and watering and Chain of Hope is checking on her as well. The grass is really high in the yard and I never would’ve known she was even there if we hadn’t gotten a call. This is what is so great about Chain of Hope-we have been out here on the streets cultivating relationships with people all over this city. These people are our eyes and ears out there in their own neighborhoods and they call us because they know that we will try and resolve whatever the situation it is.

Anyway, this little girl looks in great shape. She’s about 35 lbs., a Golden/Aussie mix maybe?? Cute as can be and friendly. The house is surrounded by a fence with a padlock and all kinds of signs from the city. She came up and took treats from my hand. We need to find something for her or move some of our dogs that have been in boarding so that we can get this girl and at least keep her safe in boarding until we can find something for her.

Please let us know if you can foster a dog for Chain of Hope, whether it’s Gidget or one of our many others, at 816-221-8080 or email Chain of Hope at  Check out our Pet Finder site at:  

Thanks for your support and let’s find something for Gidget!


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