4 puppies need foster for 3 weeks

Chain of Hope received a call from a very concerned employee of a business in KCK. A momma dog, who had had a litter before out there (the employees found homes for them all-several of them have them), had another litter in the back of their business, under a big piece of equipment (pic above). Actually, a few of the employees were pretty concerned about this situation. They had called animal control before and they would not help them. AC told them that they wouldn’t come out and get the dog, the people needed to trap the dog and bring it to them! Unbelieveable-but that’s another battle we’re waging. Anyway, the puppies were old enough to start coming out from underneath there and the people were concerned that something bad was going to happen to everyone. The daddy dog lurks around, too, but seemed feral. The man that contacted us was wanting to try and keep the mom for himself and take her home and try to rehabilitate her. These people were incredible people.  We took a trap out there and showed him how to set it and what to do. The employees made arrangements with a vet in KCK to bring in the whole litter and get them vaccinated and de-wormed. They also made arrangements to take the momma in when and if they caught her. To make a long story not so long, momma turned out to be really feral and was biting, etc. I was not there when they got her trapped, but I do trust these people’s opinion because I know they really wanted to save everyone and you can’t always do it and that sucks. Momma went to ac and I’m sure was put down. I hate that-it’s almost too much to bear. She paid the price for her babies to get to safety. On a good note, there are 8 puppies and the employees found homes for 4 of them. The man who had hoped to adopt momma actually adopted one of the puppies. The other 4 are at Chain of Hope and we are looking for a foster home for them for about 3 weeks. We would split them 2 and 2 if that would help get them into foster care. They are only about 4 weeks old. They are eating good. They look like little drowned rats in a couple of pix because they had just had their Dawn dishwashing soap bath. They’ve been de-wormed and had their first vaccination. They come with food, crate, newspapers-whatever you need. Please call the office at 816-221-8080 if interested. All medical care is taken care of by Chain of Hope. They need some TLC-kind of young to be taken from momma.


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