I’m almost speechless about what happened yesterday and today. This story has actually been going on for a few months now. I was driving down an alley last spring and spotted this wonderful shep mix (who we named Roman). He was chained to the fence, no food, gross water and a pet taxi laying on it’s side for shelter (with water in it). I went to the door and there came a man with a gorgeous little Cocker Spaniel that he told me he paid $250 for. We find this ALL the time. People will have a well kept, little foo-foo dog in the house or more likely Chihuahuas and right out in their backyard will be another, larger dog living in a hellhole. I don’t get it. It’s like one is a member of the family and one is a possession. Anyway, I talked to him about the shepx and his conditions. It happened that right across the alley from him was one of our really, good wooden, large doghouses with a wind-break wall in it for winter. We had given it to a guy for his big Chowx and he had used it while they lived there for 2 yrs., but had moved and apparently the house was too big to mess with-it was sitting right there empty. We told him that he could have that house for his dog, that it was a real good one, but they were heavy. He said he had some friends coming over later and they’d help him. I gave him info on neuter and shots and other general good care tips. I waited a week or two and went by one late afternoon when it was starting to sprinkle and there was Roman, chained to the fence and there was the doghouse we had offered the guy, still sitting across the ally in the other guy’s yard. Roman still had a knocked over pet taxi! I was furious at that lazy bastard. I called animal control. By the time they got over there that night, it was pouring. When the ACO (animal control officer) got there, the guy had a bunch of friends over, drinking and playing dominoes. The Cocker was in the house, of course, but Roman was back there sitting in the rain. What an ass this guy was! AC wrote him some citations and told him he had to have a doghouse, etc. They also gave him info regarding neutering and shots. When the ACO went back a week later (I think there’s only one officer that consistently does their re-checks), the dog was in the house because he had just come home from getting neutered and vaccinated! The ACO was very pleasantly surprised, as was I when they told me. I told them that I would monitor and was going to call if things started slipping again. I went by a week or so later and things were fine. I left a bag with our info and some fly gel for his ears since the flies were starting to get really bad. I went back 2-3 weeks after that and things were beginning to slip. His ears were just starting to get sores on them. He was thinner. He had no food and filthy water. I was really disappointed. I hung up some fly bags, left a bag of food, gave him a new water bucket, sprayed him down for flies and left another bag of our info.-I wanted them to know that we were watching. Thank God we monitor these dogs. We went by this last Thurs. and found Roman in a terrible situation. He was emaciated, his ears were bleeding and he had large, nasty sores on them. He was very weak and wobbly and he was breathing pretty rapidly. I could not believe how much weight he had lost. I told the lady that she had to sign him over to me and Chain of Hope would absorb all the medical costs or I was calling animal control and I knew that they’d already been there once. She signed him over, turned around and slammed the door. Of course, she told me before she slammed the door that “someone poisoned my dog”, which is probably the #3 lie told in the hood, first one being “it ain’t my dog” and #2 being “no English”. I brought Roman back to Chain of Hope. It was so late in the day, I decided that I would make him comfortable, get him set up in the cool basement and his breathing would settle down and he would start to relax. I gave him a Rimadyl for pain because he really walked very slowly like it hurt. I would take him to the vet the next a.m. His urine was dark gold, he was not eating (except he would eat a hot dog!). His breathing was always rapid. Roman was really the same this morning when I got in. I took him over to the Humane Society and it turns out that he had so many issues that we had to put him down. He was diagnosed with final stages of HW disease, he also had a very bad heart murmur, he was emaciated, his color was horrible-his gums were a grayish color, his liver was enlarged and they strongly suspected kidney failure as well, based on the description of his urine-it all fit together and he was an extremely sick boy-his body was shutting down. Roman couldn’t even walk from the car to the front door of the Humane Society. He used to be a big Shepx, but today he only weighed 48 lbs. I held his head and stroked him and stroked him and told him that we love him because I know that everyone involved and supportive of Chain of Hope loves these little guys that suffer so much. They always go out of this world with love and comfort when they have become a Chain of Hope dog or cat. I have had many, many euthanasias over the years. Several times, I have had to go from the chain straight to the vet for euthanasia-it’s been that bad. I want you all to know that I am always with them and always loving on them and always telling them that I love them. Roman had the most soulful, big brown eyes. I always tell them that this world is too hard to live in- it’s too difficult and cruel for so many of them. Thank you for supporting Chain of Hope. We will go where no one else will go and answer calls that no one else will answer. We will take a suffering animal and hold it and love it if it needs to be euthanized. We will always make every decision involving Chain of Hope with first and foremost putting the animal first. We will always make the best decision for the animal and everything else comes after that. Thanks for your support and your good thoughts. Difficult day…


3 Responses to “Roman”

  1. Bill Says:

    It sounds like the penalties need some more teeth for this kind of behavior. Maybe there needs to be a way to embarrass these people into better behavior? Like a top 10 animal abusers list?

  2. jennifer hague Says:

    I am in awe of how wonderful your organization is. It is honor for me to be working with you and photographing your dogs soon. Together we can all make a difference and we have to be the dogs voice. It is deplorable what some people do to their dogs. I will never understand it. Bless you as always!

  3. Michelle Daniel Says:

    God bless you and God bless Roman. Peaceful travels, friend.

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