Beautiful Olivia

Boy, does Olivia have a story! I got a call about 8 mo. ago from a contact in the hood about a litter of puppies and a momma in a shed behind a vacant house. The puppies had gotten big enough to start getting out and about and that’s when people noticed them.  This woman and I went back there to see everyone. The lady kept telling me to not get out of the van if we saw the momma, that the momma was “viscious”, etc. She wouldn’t get out of the van in case momma was around. I looked all over the place for mom, talked to some neighbors and decided that I needed to go ahead and take the puppies and get them out of there because a couple of neighbors had already grabbed a couple of them. After I loaded up the puppies (there were 7 left), I had another look around trying to spot momma because I really didn’t want to leave her there. At the very least, she had to get spayed. I finally saw her laying in the bushes! I started talking to her and went over and put a slip lead on her and loaded her up with her pups! The family went to a local low kill shelter, where unfortunately they caught parvo and had to be put down. They were so far behind the game anyway, their little immune systems were not good, I know. That was a lot of puppies, 9 total, for little momma, about a 40-45 lb. Basenji mix. Momma did get adopted through the local shelter! Anyway, I found out where the two puppies were that neighbors had already taken. One of them was with the woman who had called me about all this.  The other puppy was the runt and it was at a house down the street. I went down and talked to the people and saw the puppy. It was pretty tiny and did not look good. I asked them over and over for it but they would not give it to me. I went back about 3 times, telling them that it was going to die, etc. They refused, so I just kind of wrote them off as a house I wasn’t successful at and had to accept that it is what it is and hope that the puppy made it.

We found ourselves on that very block the other day doing outreach and I went to that house to check on this “puppy”, now 8 mo. old. I found her chained in the backyard (of course), with the chain in her neck! I was NOT happy and proceeded to tell them so. They signed her over to me and she is now in the Chain of Hope adoption program. We named her Olivia and isn’t she beautiful?? She has a beautiful personality to match! She is just delightful. She has been vaccinated, de-wormed, de-flea’d, is on antibiotics for her neck, which is healing  nicely.  She is fine with other dogs. She probably has some pit in her, but I think she can pass as something else. Olivia finally got saved after enduring misery for several months. I am so glad that she will not grow up over there in that backyard on a chain for the rest of her life. Olivia will be spayed shortly and is currently in boarding. Call Chain of Hope at 816-221-8080, if you’d like to foster or adopt Olivia.


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