Oswald had eye surgery

We found Oswald by going up an alley-good thing we cruise those alleys. He was in pretty good shape weight-wise, etc. but lived on a chain. We noticed right away that there was something wrong with his right eye. It had a big growth on it. The people had no money for a vet, so Chain of Hope took the dog into the Humane Society of Greater KC. Turns out Oswald had something kind of rare called a Dermoid. The vet knew what it was, but had never seen one before. Everyone was coming in the room to look at it. Apparently, instead of continuing on with making eye cells, the body starts making skin cells over the eye. It even grows hair, just like other skin and Oswald had hair sticking out of this thing. It was pretty nasty looking and I can only imagine how it must’ve felt. They were able to operate on him and remove the Dermoid (they were afraid that he would lose his entire eye). He is back with his family. We did take them a large wire crate and they are bringing him in the house. We are spot checking them to stay on top of everything. He needs 2 different kinds of meds in his eye several times a day. He is doing well. Thank you for your donations, for coming to our fundraisers and for supporting us. That is why when we find something like this, we can go straight to the vet and get it taken care of-because of you, our supporters. Thank you!


One Response to “Oswald had eye surgery”

  1. Ed Jaworski Says:

    Hi Marilyn, got your Thank You card today but have had a real problem finding an email for you guys. You asked for mine, and here it is.

    Kind regards,
    Ed Jaworski

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