We received a call from someone regarding the house next door to them. They said that there were lots of dogs there, that there were always litters of puppies and that the dogs seem to come and go. For ex. in the pic of the empty pen with the pet taxi in it-there had been two labs in there for about a month and then they just disappeared. The next day, two German Sheps appeared and then disappeared into the backyard, which is totally covered in tons and tons of just garbage. There was a litter of puppies in the dirt under the broken down truck, they were about 2 weeks old. There was a Chihuahuax and her last baby in the house. It was a mess over there. The man who lived there worked for a slumlord guy, who also runs a couple of Vietnamese restaurants-need I say more? I had to call animal control and when they arrived, we started helping to load up all of the animals. AC removed every last one of them, thank God. The AC officer and I climbed all through that backyard, which was literally disgusting. The neighbor told us that there were rats the size cats-yikes! Thankfully, we didn’t see any of those. These sheps were so scared, that they hunkered deep down in all of the crap-the washing machines, the lawnmowers, swimming pools, sheet metal-you name it, this guy had it. It was harder than hell to get those 2 dogs out of that backyard, but we did it. The man came home while we were in the midst of trying to get the sheps. We continued loading up the animals and then he refused to sign the tickets that AC was writing him, so they had to call the police to make him accept his citations. What a mess! And this was all last Friday and it was really hot and humid out-pretty gross afternoon. I’m so glad those animals are out of there. The neighbor is watching and will call if he brings more animals there. I believe that all of the animals have been spoken for through rescues. Thanks to everyone that helped and took these guys to give them all a second chance.


One Response to “Misery”

  1. Dog lover Says:

    Makes you wonder what they really serve at Vietnamese restaurants.

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