momma and babies with mange

We took on a pretty big task today, but I knew that no one else would help these guys. A volunteer had spotted 4 dogs laying in a front yard on Quindaro in KCK last week,  jotted down the address and gave it to me. I went over last Wed. and there they all were. It was a momma Shar Peix and 3 puppies, although I don’t know if they were all hers-I kind of don’t think so. One looked exactly like her and the other two didn’t, but who knows. Anyway they all have mange, they were all really hungry and one of the puppies has severe entropian, I’m sure. He is suffering and blinking constantly and it’s really terrible to watch. We fed and watered them, went back the next day and the next to feed and water so that they would stay in that area. I went over there Sat. and there were no dogs there. A guy was out there and I asked him about the dogs. He said that one of the puppies had gotten hit Fri. and killed on Quindaro. A/C had come and taken the body. This same man had called animal control about the dogs in the front of his house and he was told that he had to catch them and bring them to the shelter, they wouldn’t come out and get them. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I know that no one was helping these guys and they were sick.  As soon as I heard about the puppy getting hit, I made up my mind that we would be over there on Sun. and we would trap them. They had to get out of there. It took a long time and a lot of effort, but we finally had all three of them. They are currently in the cool basement at Chain of Hope. I will take them to the vet tomorrow. This is going to be a lot of medical expense and boarding expense, but we could not turn our back on these guys like everyone else had. I will try to update tomorrow. We can pet mom, she is going to be just fine. She just looks tired and roughed up. The pups will be fine, too, epecially when everyone gets to feeling better! More later. Thanks for your support. We could not do this without your support.


2 Responses to “momma and babies with mange”

  1. Ingrid Dyer Says:

    Great job!!!

  2. jennifer hague Says:

    I am constantly amazed everytime I read your stories. Thank you for being a blessing to these furry babies.

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