Unbelieveable cruelty

 We were notified that someone had apparently dumped a box of kittens on the Argentine bridge in KCK and all of them had been killed by cars except one. This is the little guy that survived. We went and got him and rushed him over to the Humane Society of Greater KC. The poor little guy had a broken jaw, his baby teeth were knocked out, as well as his permanent teeth are gone in the front on the bottom. He has abrasions on his head, but they aren’t too bad. He was in shock and very traumatized, as you can imagine. No creature should ever have to go through what he went through. I went and visited him today and he is doing really well. He is playful now, he purrs and he is eating good. He liked playing with my necklace! I believe we have a rescue that will take him into their program.

Hard to stay positive when you deal with things like this all the time, but we must keep marching on. Thank you all for your support and donations-that is why we are able to rescue these little guys and get them the vet care that they need.


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