Sweet Libby-what a precious girl! We found Libby exactly as you see in the pix-chained to a pole with no food, no water and no shelter. Although not emaciated, she was too thin. It had been raining for days when we found her and I’m sure she was out there that whole time. People that do this kind of thing don’t give a shit whether it’s thunderstorming or whatever-they don’t think twice about the animal out there. On a positive note-Libby’s out of there and she is just a lovebug!!! She LOVES people and she does great with other dogs. She’s about 6 mo. old now and was spayed last week. She has a very slight case of demodex mange, but has been treated and is doing fine. She’s so happy about every little comfort that she gets-a blanket, a cheewie, lovins. She had never had anything, poor girl. Libby has enough pit in her that she can only be placed where there is no BSL. Please spread the word about her. Her whole life changed when we spotted her on the side of a house. Thank God we saw her. Libby will be just fine now!


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