Addison Update-AWESOME!

For some reason I can’t get the pix bigger. It’s been a very difficult day, so I’m probably just out of patience. Check out Addison!!! Doesn’t she look fantastic? She was such a broken, sick little girl when I found her many weeks ago and now look at her! Scott and Debbie are Addie’s foster parents and they have done an incredible job-the vet visits, the medicated baths, the daily medication. But boy, has it paid off-Addison is beautiful and healthy and loving life!


3 Responses to “Addison Update-AWESOME!”

  1. jennifer hague Says:

    Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Addison looks so happy now, bless you all for what you do!!!

  2. Ingrid Dyer Says:

    She looks awesome! And look at how happy she is!

  3. diane gabert Says:

    After hearing of your organization on KCTV 5 the other night I just new I had to check you out. I live in “the hood” 33rd and Brooklyn. I see so many dogs mistreated and abused and I am constantly calling the city to get them cared for. I would love to volunteer for your organization. My heart breaks everytime I see an abused animal. I pray I can make a difference.

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