Patton, a resilient boy


This is quite a story and I really lost it this last Sunday, which is the day we finally got Patton. I don’t lose my temper very much out there, but Sunday I totally lost it on the owner of Patton. But to begin……

About 2 yrs. ago, I was driving down I-70 and as always, I was constantly searching, looking all over for animals as I went. I saw a house down below with two dogs chained up in the dirt. I exited, found my way around to the house on Van Brunt and went up to talk to the owner. The dogs were living in filth and hadn’t been vetted at all. I tried and tried to get them to give up both dogs, which were really puppies, about 5 mo. old. They wanted to keep one very much, but they signed over one of them to me. I was hoping with some assistance that they could maintain with just one dog. The puppy that they kept is Patton. They actually had one nice doghouse that the guy had made. We just monitored, dropped food once in awhile and checked on the puppy. They were doing pretty well with him, albeit he was chained in the backyard. But he was fed and had clean water when I went. Then the woman called one day and said that they had moved to KCK and gave us their new address. She asked if we could still drop food once in awhile and continue to help her out. She had 4 kids age 4 and under. I thought it was awesome that she called and gave us her new address. I really wanted to monitor this little guy. We went to their house in KCK several times and they were doing a good job with him. We went by less and with further time in between visits. I was working in KCMO one day and knocked on the door of a family that we had run across the previous summer with a chained black labx with a litter of puppies. We ended up taking the puppies and spaying mom and monitoring. Mom is well cared for, albeit on a chain 24/7. This day, I saw another dog chained in their backyard, so I stopped and went back there and I was sure I recognized that dog. I went to the door and this same woman that owned Patton answered the door. I said, “you live over here now?” and she told me that they’d had to move in with her brother or cousin or someone. The dog was chained in the back, he had his doghouse. He was happy to see me again and I left some food and chewies. I continued to stop by and check on him and every time I went, it seemed to get worse and worse. The area that he was chained in seemed to have some kind of sewage or something seeping in the ground-I can’t tell you how bad it smelled. This poor dog had to live in that. I took a Spanish interpertor with me the next time and had her talk to the woman about all of the issues: no water, he’s thin, he’s in filth, etc. I had the translator tell this woman that she had to step up with this dog. The next time I stopped by, it was bad again. I turned it into an animal control officer that is good about helping me. However, she did not have time to get there that day and then she went into being off 4 days off in a row. We did not want that dog suffering, so on Sunday we went over to check. What we found just put me over the edge. Patton’s chain was caught on a metal thing sticking out of the ground and he could only move about 2 feet. His doghouse was in 2 pieces. The mud, feces and the stench made us want to puke. He had no water-his bucket was laying on it’s side bone-dry. It was hot Sunday and poor Patton was panting and panting. I lost it and told the kids to go get mom. She came out smiling like everything was fine until she looked at my face and saw how upset I was. I had the translator with me again and I was so mad, I was talking fast and kind of yelling and telling her to ask the woman when the last time this dog had water was and then I said “and don’t tell me it was today”-that bucket was bone-dry. I threw the bucket on the ground at her feet and told her to get him some water. I wasn’t very nice, but I was livid. When he finally got water, this dog drank and drank forever! He hadn’t had water in quite some time. We had given this woman all the assistance we could for the past 2 yrs. and this is how this poor dog was living. I asked her if she would like to live like that and she said no and I said ‘well, he doesn’t want to live like this either”.

I told her that she needed to sign the dog over to us or I was calling animal control. She told me she had to call her husband and I told her no and I had my cell phone out ready to dial. I told her that dog wasn’t staying in this hellhole one more minute. She told me that I wasn’t giving her a choice and I told her that the dog had no choice but to sit in that shit every minute of everyday. She signed him over to us and we drove him straight to the dogwash and gave him a good bath-he was filthy. Boy, is he a gorgeous dog!! And a pure sweetie! He was so happy to be out of there! A local low-kill shelter took Patton for us and I know he will move onto a much better home!

The daily frustration of seeing animals in horrible circumstances and people not caring about them at all is really hard to take day in and day out.


5 Responses to “Patton, a resilient boy”

  1. marilyn Says:

    You go girl!!! Rip their asses!!!!

  2. jennifer hague Says:

    Again, thank you for taking a stand for animals and giving them a voice. I admire you so much. Please let me know if I can ever help you through my photography.

    • chainofhope Says:

      Thank you, Jennifer! Yes, we would like have your help with some photography work. Give us a call at the office when you have time 816-221-8080 and we can hopefully make time to visit!

  3. michele Says:

    YES! That’s how it works! Show us the underbelly of the situations!

  4. jennifer hague Says:

    I just now saw your reply with phone number, for some reason, I am not notified when future comments are posted. I will call you soon! Who should I ask for?

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