Sweet Walter

Sweet Walter, 9 yrs. old and lived on a chain with terrible injuries to his neck. Walter’s owner approached me the other day when I was on his street and told me that his dog’s neck had something wrong with it. I told him to bring the dog out to me-it was chained in the backyard. I had dealt with this guy before  and gotten 2 puppies from him quite awhile ago. They were pretty irresp0nsible people (obviously). When I saw this dog’s neck I told him that he needed to sign this dog over to Chain of Hope and we would take care of the medical issues and finding him a good home, but that he would NOT be coming back there. The guy was hesitant, but I told him that this dog deserved to be on someone’s sofa somewhere in the air-conditioning, not living on a chain in the backyard. I loaded him up, named him Walter, and set off for the HSGKC (Humane Society of Greater KC).  At HSGKC, I ran into someone from a wonderful local rescue group and they came over to meet Walter. They fell in love with him (who wouldn’t?), made some  calls and they decided that they could bring Walter into their program! I was so happy that he had a place to go. I love this group and am always thrilled when they can take a dog from me.  We went into the vet together and got Walter checked out. We shaved his neck. Luckily, the collar had not made an open wound on him yet, but his neck was very inflamed and irritated. He was put on antibiotics and given a heartworm test, which was strongly positive-no surprise there when he’s lived outside for 9 yrs.  Walter only weighed 69 lbs and probably should weigh about 80 or more.  Walter left the Humane Society with the fellow rescuer and I was told he was going straight to the bathtub! He must’ve felt so good after getting all that yuck stuff off of him. He had major mats, all the way down to the skin all over his back. I bet he feels like a new dog!! Welcome to your new life, Walter.


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