An unbelieveable story-lots of pix

We received a call from a supporter about a small Shih-Tzu type dog running all winter long up off of Gladstone Blvd. Nancy took us up the street to meet her neighbors that often saw the little dog in their yard. They would put food out for it, but were never able to touch it.  They said it was always so afraid of them.  They said that it was horribly matted and that it had lived out there for the past 5 months at least. They don’t know how this little guy made it through the winter. They asked us for some help, so we went over and set a trap. We showed the man how to set it in case it got sprung, caught a cat or coon or whatever. He had our cell numbers to call us if the dog got in there, but we didn’t hear from him for a couple of weeks. I called him and he said “I haven’t seen that dog for 2 weeks”. I told him that I would come and pick up the trap, that the dog must’ve moved on or something happened to it. When I got into the office this past Sunday morning and listened to the messages, there was a message that the little dog was in the trap! I could not believe it. Judy went by and picked it up and brought it down to our office, still in the trap. She said it hadn’t been very friendly when they were loading it. Scared to death, of course. We got him transferred out of the trap into a large crate with bed, food and water, covered it up and left him alone for a few hours to chill. When I went down that evening, I decided I was just going to let him out and see how he’d act. He is a total LOVEBUG! He is so sweet and friendly and just craves attention. He was the most matted dog I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve dealt with some matted dogs! I know he was very uncomfortable. I got him to a vet’s place the next day and they knocked him out and let me shave him. It took forever-it was so disgusting. He’s just a little thing and he had scabs and sores all over his body. Poor, poor little guy. We shaved him the best we could and after he awoke, we gave him a bath. I cannot tell you how badly he stunk!! He really loved the warm, soapy water and the massage! He is just the best little guy. We named him Biscuit, because when we first got him, he was so matted we truly could not even tell the sex of the dog. The people had baited the trap with biscuits that Sunday morning and so we named it Biscuit, thinking that could be a boy or a girl.

We took Biscuit over to the Humane Society today to get vaccinated, de-wormed, heartworm tested and to get his ears looked at. They were so disgusting and I know they hurt him terribly. They had tons of nasty gunk in them and he couldn’t bare it when the vet was trying to swab out a sample for checking for organisms. She said that it was so painful for him that we should probably leave him for the day, they’d knock him out and clean and medicate his ears really well. I was so glad. I did not want this little guy to suffer anymore than he already has. He stayed all night at the Humane Society because he got done late in the day. I will pick him up in the morning and I know he will be feeling so much better.

These are the kinds of things that your donations go for, so thank you for your support! If interested in fostering or adopting Biscuit, please call our office at 816-221-8080. He is probably about a year old, maybe 2.  Please enjoy all of the pix and see the transformation. I couldn’t get them in the right order (still figuring out this blogging!), but at least I have a lot of the different stages that Biscuit went through.


4 Responses to “An unbelieveable story-lots of pix”

  1. jennifer hague Says:

    What a happy ending! Bless you again for what you do!!!! Please let me know if you ever need my help in photographing these wonderful dogs. I would love to offer my services for free.

  2. Linda Gray Says:

    I am so Happy we could help in saving a little life. He looks great! Thank you and God Bless for doing what you do.

  3. Nancy Transue Says:

    Kate, thank you so very, very much for all the help you have given to
    this little dog. He looks adorable and I hope he will soon have a
    wonderful home. I know he would say THANK YOU too if he could.
    How miserable he would have been in the heat this summer.

    God bless you in all you do to help these helpless animals.

  4. Mady Womack Says:

    You’re an amazing person for this! I will definitely look at your blog regularly, we live in Overland Park and would love a dog! Especially a rescue. Good luck!

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