maggie is fighting parvo

Look at this precious, adorable, wonderful puppy named Maggie. she is 5 mo. old and she is in a fight with parvo. she is winning, though! we got a call from some people that we had helped about a yr. ago with their puppy, which they proceeded to give away after a few months. they called and said that there was a stray and they found it laying on the side of their house that morning and that it was very sick. i rushed over there and saw this precious girl, obviously very ill. they had her on the front porch with a blanket on her. i scooped her up and rushed her to the Humane Society of Greater KC.  she had a positive parvo test and is being treated. i am pretty confident that she will make it. she will need a forever home when she gets over this, so please keep her in mind! after all of this, we found out that this little girl definitely belonged to one of the sisters that lived in this house. another fine example of what we deal with on a daily basis. your support makes it possible for us to rescue and treat these babies that we come across in dire need of medical help. thank you!!! and Maggie thanks you too!!!


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