Out of hell

Look what we found today! This was sickening, disgusting, sad and so wrong. I barely caught a glimpse of this little girl as we sped by. We stopped, backed up and Marilyn ran up there to see what the situation was like and if there was a doghouse because we couldn’t see one from the road. Marilyn took a look, motioned to me that it “was bad”. I got out and went over and totally agreed. We were able to liberate this little girl and she is as sweet as she can possibly be. She’s probably around 9-10 months (I’m not very good with ages and teeth!). Unbelieveably, sweet Libby (we named her) was chained to a pole with no food, no water and no shelter. She is too thin, she was scared to death and she was basically sitting in a mud hole. What in God’s name makes people think that they can do this? that this is ok? The boldness of the neglect always amazes me. Sweet Libby is sleeping safely, quietly, and warmly tonight. Thank you for your donations. That is the only way we can do this work is with your support behind us!


One Response to “Out of hell”

  1. jennifer hague Says:

    You are all amazing. Thank you for saving and rescuing these furry babies and giving them hope.

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