Roger was abused

Roger is only 7-8 months old and already has endured the wrath of the family that owned him. so much so, that he had to lose his leg because of it. you see, we received a call last week regarding this little dog being thrown out sliding glass doors into the backyard. he screamed in pain, and writhed on the ground. the person that called us said that the dog had not put any weight on the leg since he was tossed out the door, which by now was 6 days ago. i went over and got the dog, got him to the vet and his leg was badly broken in two places. poor little Roger had to face an amputation because of his people’s stupidity and cruelty. Roger is resting comfortably in a temporary foster home. If you would like to foster or adopt Roger, please call our office at 816-221-8080.  he was neutered at the time of surgery since he was asleep anyway. he’s been vaccinated and de-wormed. Roger weighs about 15 lbs.  He is a super little guy!


4 Responses to “Roger was abused”

  1. jennifer Says:

    I am saddened to hear this story, but so thankful he was saved. Was the owner of this dog prosecuted for animal cruelty? How can we make that happen?

  2. marilyn Says:

    What can be done to these people for the suffering they caused this baby?

  3. chainofhope Says:

    Unfortunately, this was a case of “take the dog now and get it to the vet” or go through the animal control channels which would take longer and the chances of little Roger sitting at animal control for a week without getting treatment for his leg is pretty high, in my opinion. I just had to choose what I thought was best at the time, which was get him to the vet. However, we have pushed cases through animal control and even took someone to court by signing a citizen complaint against them when animal control said they couldn’t do anything. The guy got the maximum fine for what he was charged with, but it was only $250-not near enough of a punishment for what he had done to the animal. It’s all very frustrating…

    • marilyn Says:

      I totally agree with your choices. What’s most important is getting the animals help and to safety as quickly as possible. I know how frustrating it is for me to read about what is happening–can only image how you must feel. God bless you all for what you are doing.

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