7 babies in tree trunk

Chain of Hope received a call from a local spay/neuter clinic to help with a situation. They had seen a momma dog with her teats hanging and the daddy dog who was watching out for her, but they couldn’t find the puppies. The parents were hanging in an alley in the hood. There were vacant houses there, but we went through them and looked and did not find the puppies. I started to walk over to a corner of one of the backyards yesterday and momma got in front of me and growled a warning to me. I knew they were in that corner somewhere. There was a tree trunk standing in the corner of the yard. Marilyn (a volunteer) looked in there and there they were! There were 7 tiny puppies, with their eyes not even open yet. The trunk’s hollow center went pretty far down. The puppies were protected pretty well. We got momma on a slip lead while we got all the puppies into a pet taxi and then loaded momma in there with them. She was nervous, but really handled it pretty well, I thought-never even a growl after that intial one.  Dad was hanging around this whole time. We worked with him for about an hour, but we could not get him. I did finally got the control stick on him, but he freaked out and twisted and pulled. He’s about a 70 lb. dog, so it was pretty tough. I finally had to take it off of him and let him go. I feel so bad because he was trusting us, and now this will set him back some. We will continue to feed and water him and work on getting him to trust us again. He seems content hanging in the alley. We will just have to see how things progress. He is in good health, wags his tail, lets us scratch him on the head, but he is really hand-shy. He is so fast to move away from us if he feels threatened at all. We are looking for a foster home for momma and babies. She is a good girl, a good little momma. The puppies are probably just about a week old. Momma is about 30-35 lbs. Please let us know if you’re interested in fostering!


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