made it out of hellhole-needs foster home

this little guy was a very unhappy little boy, and he had every right to be.  it is hard to believe in the pix that this is the same dog! this is Dixon. Dixon lived in a backyard in Northeast. he was very barky, very growly, wouldn’t let us touch him or even come close to him. he would get pretty nasty. after going over many times to no avail and taking into account the condition that he was in and that he was kept in, I called animal control. They impounded Dixon after the owner said to “take him, he didn’t want him anyway”. That was  quite obvious! Dixon was tranquilized and shaved down at animal control. he was matted to the core! poor baby. i wasn’t going to let him die at animal control and I knew he wouldn’t get adopted with his attitude the way it was. they even had him back in the bite section, where no one would see him anyway. chain of hope pulled him out of the municipal shelter and brought him down to our office. i now realize that all of that bravado that he exhibited in his yard was really deep fear. this poor boy had been so mistreated and was so afraid of everyone that he would really be nasty to keep everyone away, I’m sure. this has been a nice, quiet environment for Dixon this week and there has been another dog here that tries to bring him out of his shell. it’s working! he actually came up to me tonight and wanted to be petted! That is huge for him! he just gets sweeter everyday as he learns that people are nice here and he has a soft bed, good food, and people that care about him and are trying to rehabilitate him. dixon would do great and continue making progress in a similiar situation-not much chaos, pretty quiet environment. I wouldn’t put him with small kids because he can still startle easily, but it’s getting better. what Dixon needs most of all is a foster home. If you can offer that for Dixon, please call our office at 816-221-8080 and speak with Michele or myself.


One Response to “made it out of hellhole-needs foster home”

  1. jennifer hague Says:

    This story warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing and for caring enough to take care of Dixon, despite his reservations.

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