nellie and boomer

 I had seen some puppies out in front of a house one day (people were out there with them), didn’t have time to stop, so I scribbled the address down in my notebook.  They were at a house right next door to a guy I  have helped with his two dogs several times. A week or so later, we went over there to talk to the people. There were the two puppies, just out front-not tethered at all and this house sits right on 18th street in KCK, which for those of you that don’t know is very busy. I could see some spots on the little brown puppy’s skin. It sure looked like mange to me. I asked the lady about the spots and she said that she knew they needed to see a vet, but they had no money. I pointed out the expense of taking care of two puppies. Not only that they had mange, but that they both needed their puppy vaccinations, de-worming, and spay/neuter. She knew she couldn’t afford them and she said she did not want them to suffer and signed them over to me. I took them to the Humane Society (my heros!) and had them treated and vaccinated. They found no mites on the skin scraping of Nellie, the darker one. They only saw 1 on the skin scraping of Boomer. We caught this very early thank goodness. These guys are going to be fine. They are being boarded right now and they are getting more and more social. I’m glad the lady made the decision that she did. They were either going to get sick with the mange or get hit by a  car. Now they can have safe and happy lives.


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