dogs on roof

Lindsey and I had an interesting thing happen today. We were working in KCK and as we were driving down a side street, I saw a small dog laying in some grass in the front yard of an abandoned house. We pulled over, grabbed some treats and slowly started toward her and she ran around to the back of the house. I went around back and the back door was open on the vacant house. I thought it may have darted in there. As I was sticking my head in and calling, I heard Lindsey (who was looking through the window) say that there was a large white dog inside the house, along with some more dogs. I went inside and I saw a large white shepherd (gorgeous) and a little Doxie mix. The shepherd and friends ran up the flight of stairs to the top floor of the house. The Doxie mix ran and I followed her to the space under the stairs. She was terrified. about that time, Lindsey yelled that the big dogs were on the roof! I had heard them scuffling around upstairs-it sounded like they were trying to get out of that upstairs room. In the meantime, I’m under the stairs trying to get the little Doxie mix who was cowering as far back as she could. I finally got a slip lead around her and I just had to pull her out of there as gently as I could, but she was really struggling. We got her in a pet taxi and I told her that this was the best day of her life-she just didn’t know it yet! Just after we got her on the truck, up pulled the police. Someone had called them about the dogs on the roof. He put in a call to animal control and we left. I will try to find out what happened and update tomorrow. The little Doxie mix is here at the office tonight. She hasn’t made a peep. She is pretty scared. Please let us know if you have a quiet, calm environment for this little one to be able to go to foster care for awhile and get used to everything and learn that people are nice. Call 816-221-8080.


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