starting his new life

meet winston. winston has suffered greatly in his life, but that is all behind him forever. he is getting healthy and starting his new life. we actually met winston a couple of yrs. ago. he was tied up in the backyard, all matted and filthy dirty. the people did not speak english, so we had a hard time communicating with them. eventually, we had to call animal control. they went out and said nothing was wrong. he looked then like he looks in the pic above, all matted and nasty. I toook more pix, sent the to the dir. of animal control and asked him to send a different officer out. he did and the people were given a warning and told that they had to get the dog groomed and cleaned up, which they did. things seemed to be better for quite a while. then in the winter, i didn’t see him out there. he must have been in the basement or something-i doubt if they would’ve let the little dirty boy in the house. anyway, this spring we started seeing him out again. it was the same thing all over again-matted to the core, filthy, hungry, etc. his only shelter was a tipped over green kitchen trash can. it was really appalling. i turned it in to animal control. this was about a couple of weeks ago when we were having all of that heavy rain everyday. the aco called me that night and she said she couldn’t find the house. thank God she called me. It was pouring buckets out there that night and the ground was saturated already. I told her I’d be there in 15 minutes so stay put and I’ll take you to his house, which I did. when we walked into the backyard, it was literally like a lake. we had to walk through 6 inches of water to get over to the dog. there he was-sitting on a little piece of cement slab that was sticking up above ther water. he was drenched and muddy and frightened out of his mind. he was growling and trying to bite. the officer was very good with him, even though she had to put him on the control stick. i was so happy that he was out of there finally. those people did not deserve him at all. he became friendlier at the shelter after he settled down and was warm and fed. the tech over there shaved him and i know he had to have felt so much better. we got him pulled from the shelter and began caring for this very sick little boy. he only weighed 17 lbs. and he probably should weigh about 25 or so. he was pretty scared when we first got him to where he would whip around and try to bite us if we tried to pick him up. well, after being down here for a few days and getting lots of lovins, he has decided that we all aren’t so bad! He was having a lot of bloody diarrhea, however and he was dehydrated. I took him to the Humane Society of Greater KC (my heros!!!). He had a neg. parvo test, positive for hooks and whips and heartworms (of course). His diarrhea was uncontrollable, poor little guy. I’ve never cleaned the same crate so many times in one day! anyway, he began turning the corner this morning with less and less of it. he’s on 2 antibiotics, panacur and was taking an anti-diarrhea medicine. he went to his foster home this afternoon to recuperate. he will get lots of love and care. winston requires a calm environment. he startles easily and needs to learn to trust and relax, which i have no doubt is very capable of doing. he’s really a sweetheart. if your hand quits petting him, he’s nudging you for more. thanks for your support to chain of hope-it’s because of all of the people behind us that we are able to save dogs like winston. it takes all of us!


One Response to “starting his new life”

  1. Sasha Stokes Says:

    Thank god for rescue groups.

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