Severe Injury-Amputation

A Red Cross worker called us about seeing this little dog on a porch with a bloody leg. a volunteer went over and it was bad, as you can see in the pix. The little guy, Blackie, had been hit by a car a while back. We don’t know how long ago, but thinking about 2 months ago or so from what they were saying. They took the dog to a local vet and he pretty much didn’t do anything, according to them. He said the dog had nerve damage, but the nerves would possibly grow back together. He didn’t splint it, stabilize it, wrap it-nothing. the dog proceeded to drag the leg around and it eventually got this awful wound in the leg. The people were cleaning it everyday with Peroxide and antibiotic cream and wrapping it up very nicely. They did things right-they took him to the vet when he got hit, it’s just too bad that this guy probably took some of their money and did nothing. We offered to take the dog to the Humane Society of Greater KC for them and they were thrilled.  I took the dog over and they said almost immediately that that leg had to come off! I went back and talked to the owners and got the consent form signed for the surgery. Chain of Hope paid the vet bill and the owners are supposed to contribute $50 when they get their gov’t checks at the first of the month. the leg was broken in two different places. It was a blessing that the nerves were shot and the little guy couldn’t feel all of that pain. Blackie is doing well back at his house. I stopped by and saw him today and he’s doing great.


One Response to “Severe Injury-Amputation”

  1. Jane Johnson Says:

    I went out and met with this family. Even though they live in “the hood” they took really great care of this dog. When Blackie got hit by the car, they borrowed as much money as they could to make sure they could get appropriate vet care for him. Unfortunately, this vet took advantage of them and took their money and did nothing for their pet. I watched the routine they did EVERY DAY washing out his wounds, dressing them with sterile gauze and Bacitracin ointment in an attempt to give their beloved dog good care. And now that Blackie is back home, they have a complicated medication regimen to deal with, and the entire family helps out with this, young and old. Blackie has adjusted to his amputation and is back to barking, going up and downstairs, and getting lots of love from his owners.

    I commend Chain of Hope for stepping up and helping this family who had done everything they could to help their pet.

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