Addison, puppy with mange, update

I know everyone has probably been wanting to know how little Addison is doing, which is fabulous!!! what a trooper this little girl is. Hopefully you see a difference in the pix from when we first saved her to now. her skin is not nearly as red and  sore looking as it was when we first found her. She’s had another medicated bath and that seemed to help her a lot-lots of dead skin came off of her. she feels SO much better. she’s been being a puppy-chasing the ball, carrying her little duck around, running up to people for lovins’. she is a spoiled princess (we’ll have to tone that down a little bit). She is still on the daily Ivermectin, an antibiotic, a pain killer and and an anti-itch pill. I think we’ve been able to keep her very comfortable as she heals through this and as I keep telling her-the worst is over.

We fly around the office, in and out of the truck, heading back out to an emergency, maybe. We just go, go, go all day long. But last Sat. night, I was working late in the office (another exciting Sat. night for me!) and Addison was laying on her plushy comforter. I just sat there in my chair and I really looked at her and I looked at how deep the grooves are on her head and how she was cracked and bleeding. I looked at her little swollen eye lids that were so red and puffy. I looked at her swollen feet that looked way too big for her body. I looked at very thin she was.  I looked at the scabs starting to form all over her body and I thought, “Oh, how you have suffered little one. You have endured more than anyone or anything should ever have to endure and you’re just a baby……I’m am so sorry that you are having to go through this pain and suffering. I would take it from you if I could. but what I can do is pick up her little sore body and cradle her in my arms and love on her, scabs and blood and all-she needs that……and so do I.


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