feeding animals thru mail slot

We received a call from an elderly woman about the house across the street from her. She had called animal control, codes, etc. and had not gotten any help for the animals inside an abandoned house since last Nov. She said that the pet owner had left last Nov. and that she would come every 3 weeks or so for about 2 minutes and leave. She never brought the animals out to potty, probably just through a bag of food in there and left. Animal control had gone out in Nov. and had done nothing. The neighbors were very concerned, but somewaht afraid of this woman I think. Thankfully, the neighbor got hold of Chain of Hope and I went over to check it out. There was a very nasty note on the door from the owner talking about the nosey neighbors, etc.  ALl of her windows and dorrs were blocked with blankets, etc. All of the doors were locked. No one was barking or anything. When I went on the front porch, I lifted up the mail slot and two noses poked out at me. There was the Chow and there was a kitty. The kitty was absolutely frantic for food-he was stretching his long front legs out and cl;awing and clawing at me and crying when I started shoving the canned food in through the mail slot. I put 7 cans of canned food through there that first day of feeding-they were starving.

To make a long story short, I got animal control back over there and they began the process of trying to get a warrant. It took forever! So everyday we went over there and fed the animals and we also poured water in there so they could lick it off the floor. Then one night the neighbor called me and told me that the owner was over there. I called AC  but by the time they got there, the lady had gone. While she was there, however, she saw the door knocker that AC had left her on Mon and this was Thurs. she started ranting and raving to all the neighbors and then left. AC showed up, but had missed her. About an hour later, I get a call from the neighbor and the owner is back! I called AC and they rushed over and finally could get this resolved. The woman signed over the animals to them and loaded them on the truck. The ACO (animal control officer) had to go through the house because the neighbors had said that there had been two dogs. the house was -well, you can imagine. Inches of feces, amonia so strong from the urine. Even when we just lifted the mail slot to feed, the overwhelming smell that came out of there was disgusting. The cops didn’t even go in, they stood on the porch. The ACO did not find another dog, either alive or dead. Anyway I believe we have rescue for the Chow and the kitty. I went down to animal control on Fri to get their pix and their ID numbers. I shudder to think how many times this happens and no one feeds/waters while all the red tape goes on. Thank God the neighbor got hold of Chain of Hope.


2 Responses to “feeding animals thru mail slot”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I bet that “house” was too bad to be cleaned up for resale. Yuck! I have read about many people leaving animals in the house after foreclosure. That is horrible. They should be prosecuted for abandonment and cruelty.

  2. Nicki Stoneman Says:

    Lock her up & let her starve than throw her in prison & they’ll take care of her in there! Felony 1 that’s what these maggots deserve! Heartless bitch!

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