kitty almost froze to death this winter

This wonderful woman in the hood called about a situation in her neughborhood regarding animals locked in a house and the owner moved away (more on that later). While talking with her, she showed me a kitty on her front porch. It was laying in a basket with a towel or something covering it. She said that in January, during a big snow, she saw something moving very slowly across the empty lot next to her. She watched it and then saw it lay down and not move. She got her boots and coat and went out to see about it. She found a poor, orange tabby, starved and almost frozen to death. It’s eyes were closed and it was barely breathing. She took it in her house and put it in the basket in front of her space heater. The poor cat slept for 15 hrs. When she awoke, the woman got some gravy-type catfood down her and she would then sleep some more. For days it was eat and sleep and eat and sleep. Her little body was slowing getting stronger. As the cat got better, the woman put it outside on her porch because she was afraid that her cat would get something from it. Poor little thing. She said it didn’t even weigh 2 lbs. Anyway, here she was showing me this kitty and it  still looked pretty bad. She was sneezing, coughing and wheezing. I told her that I needed to take it to the Humane Society asap. She thanked me and off we went. She tested neg. on the combo test, thank God. Lungs pretty congested. Frostbite on her ear tips. She only weighed 5 lbs. They  shot her up with antibiotics and ran some fluids on her. I took her back to the lady and told her that she HAD to keep her inside (and she will). I talked to the lady today and she said the kitty is eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping again-trying to get stronger. We’ll think good thoughts for her for sure.


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