mom and 8 babies rescued from junkyard

We got a call about a momma dog in a junkyard with a litter of puppies. We went over to check it out, talk to the junkyard owner, and just see what we were dealing with. The guy didn’t want them there, but once we talked he agreed to let them stay there until we could find a place for them. We left him food for her and he said he would feed and water her. Of course, we were going by as well. The other night my daughter Hannah and I went over to feed and water. When we got there, about 7:00 p.m., there was one single puppy sitting in the middle of the junkyard, just squealing and howling for momma. It was pretty weird that there was just one and he was carrying on so much and momma didn’t come. I had to squeeze (and I do mean squeeze) under the fence to get in there and get the puppy. I looked all around for the rest of them and then here came momma up from the back of the lot (this junkyard is pretty big). I went up to the front and looked under their little woodpile where they all had been living and there were only 3 puppies under there. Those plus the little lone screamer that I now had in my arms. It sure looked to me like momma was moving the puppies. We fed and watered and I walked all over that place with momma and without, searching for the other puppies. I never heard a sound or found them. I decided that I would put the one puppy back under the woodpile with the others and come back first thing in the a.m. and try to find them all and just get them out of there. When we went the next morning, there were now 6 under the woodpile-she’d put two back! We walked the lot and it didn’t take long to find the other two, thank God. They were curled up asleep on an old sheet or something. We went ahead and loaded up everyone and I took them to their foster home that we had waiting! They are gorgeous puppies and momma is incredibly sweet. That was a good, good day.


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  1. Stephanie Says:

    We wound up adopting this dog from Wayside in May of this year. We named her Paisley, she is the sweetest dog I have ever met and we were so lucky to have found her. One Sunday afternoon, a few voulenteers from Chain of Hope were handing out flyers in our neighborhood. Our front door was open and Paisley went to greet our visitors. Low and behold one of the voulenteers recognized Paisley as one they had rescued, needless to say a very sweet reunion took place. I just want to thank the voulenteers so much for everything they do and all their hard work. Without you we never would have found this perfect fit to our family!!!

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