11 Puppies

We helped a man with muscular dystrophy find a place for his two outside dogs because he couldn’t care for them anymore. Almost as an after-thought as we were leaving, he mentioned that his sister had 11 puppies at her house. We headed over there, at 12th and Van Brunt, and talked with her. She “doesn’t want them or the mom and dad”. We were able to get the puppies to a safe place for adoption. We will help spay and neuter mom and dad and I took pix, but for now they must stay where they are, until we have a place for them. Dad is a very handsome, red Golden mix-really beautiful. Mom is a black lab mix, very sweet. I am so happy that this man we were helping mentioned about the puppies. Can you imagine what that area would look like in 6 months if all of these 11 puppies were just handed out, sold on the corner or dumped?? If each one of them was responsible for a litter, it would be a disaster. This is how we are going to get a handle on overpopulation-spaying and neutering the litters and the mom. I can’t tell you how many litters we saved last year, but we always  need foster homes for puppies, so if you’d be interested in that please call the office at 816-221-8080.  We have a litter of 7 that we are trying to leave with mom just a little bit longer to get stronger and bigger, but we will have to pull them in a week or so and they will need foster care for about 4 weeks until they can go for adoption.


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