A sad day…..

Handsome, sweet Bear

 I met Bear quite a while ago. He was tied out in a field with his buddy, a hound dog. They were next door to a burned out house in KCK and eventually after going there 2-3 times a week to feed/water, I met the owners. Their house had burned and they lived in a small apt. several blocks away. They tried to walk up everyday and take care of the dogs and I took care of them as well. The dogs did not let me pet them-they’d stay back as far as possible and I didn’t want to stress them out. We took them 2 really good dog houses (they had some that were gross) and basically helped the owners take care of them. Eventually, both dogs got off of their tie-outs and were gone for about 3 weeks. One day, I went to check and there was Bear! He was back, so I continued to take care of him. I had finally made up my mind to just take him and get him out of there. I had taken some good pix of him to get posted and then last Thurs. when I went Bear was coughing and hacking like he had kennel cough. I knew I couldn’t get anyone to take him with kennel cough, so I scored some antibiotics and went over Fri. to medicate him. He wasn’t there. I drove over there on Sat. and he wasn’t there. I was very concerned. Sunday, there he was-standing in the field when I pulled up. He had only recently started letting me pet him. I went over to him and I could tell that something was wrong. He was breathing a little harder than normal and he didn’t want to eat or drink. I decided I was taking him. When I lifted him up into the truck, he moaned and moaned. I took him down to the office and set him up in a wire crate. During the night and this morning, he had vomited lots of bile. He was clearly uncomfortable this morning. I took him to the Humane Society and by now, his breathing was even harder. He was in the final stages of heartworm disease. He had fluid all around his heart and in his lungs. Poor Bear had been suffering. We went ahead and put him down, while I held his head in my lap and told him how handsome he is and that I loved him. It’s a sad, sad day.


One Response to “A sad day…..”

  1. Cindy Says:

    The worst way to die is alone.
    Bear was not alone – thanks to you.

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