Fat Boy is Liberated!

We discovered Fat Boy by going down an alley and saw him chained to his dog house in a mud pit. We talked with the owners, they agreed to have him neutered and vax’d and we got that done for them the next week. These people also had 3 cats and we fixed them too. We continued to monitor this situation and Fat Boy began falling through the crax. We intervened a few times and these assholes just wouldn’t step up. Fat Boy got thinner and thinner, so we finally intervened and he is safe and warm tonight with a full tummy.


2 Responses to “Fat Boy is Liberated!”

  1. Bex Says:

    I’m so glad he got a warm place! He’s a sweet looking doggie!

  2. Sasha Stokes Says:

    Good!!! Those losers don’t deserve a dog. I think people should get a permit to own a dog. How damn hard is it to feed and water a animal? Really?! How hard is it to love your pet. Most people just suck.

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